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Craving for some tasty Turkish treats but don't have a clue where to start? Here are 10 special Turkish recipes that should be perfect for your hungry palette.

1. Kebaps

Ever wondered what those big slabs of roasted meat you see in most Turkish restaurants were? The ones where they take big chunks off and serve it in all its tasty and juicy form? Those are called Kebaps. Pronounced as kebap [Sheesh keh-bahp,] this is traditionally made using Turkish free-range lamb skewered under a true charcoal grill. It can also be made from beef or chicken.

2. Hummus

Present in many traditional Turkish restaurants, Hummus is dip or spread made from chickpeas. Normally given as an appetizer, it is often served with pita bread. Frequently, the taste of the hummus can differ from one restaurant to another depending on how it is prepared.

3. Yaprak Sarma

Here's another staple treat worth checking out. The Yaprak Sarma is made up of wrapped vine leaves filled with succulent rice and a barrage of onions and various spices like currant, cinnamon, mint and pepper. Oftentimes, it is the Turkish food of choice for vegans who want authentic Turkish meals without sacrificing their personal ideals.

4. Lahmacun

For fast-food and pizza lovers, the Lahmacun is a must-taste meal. Resembling pizza, it is made from flaky dough that's sprinkled with onions and really tasty meat. Over the years, it has become a popular dish in Turkey. It is spicy and has a very thin crust and definitely yummy.

5. Döner

A Döner is one of the many dishes that originally came from Turkey but has since been exported to a lot of different countries. Like the Kebap, it is cooked vertically on a skewer and grilled to perfection. It is then sliced thinly and mixed with aromatic herbs and spices.

6. Manti

Officially called dumplings in the Western World, a Manti is a simple appetizer dish made up of two parts: yummy dough and a filling. The filling often consists of lamb or chickpeas which is then steamed. It is served with yoghurt as well as garlic and sumac.

7. Pilav

If you're craving for a Turkish meal with rice, then the Pilav is a must try. Like many cuisines, there are a variety of ways to serve up this meal. However, the main form is when it is cooked with plain rice along with water, butter and vegetable oil. There's also a bit of noodle-style pasta in there. You will also find eggplant, meat, liver slices and chickpeas. Of course, it wouldn't be a Turkish dish without the spices so it is packed with thyme, cinnamon, pepper and even a bit of almond.

8. Baklava

For the sweet tooth, there's also something you can enjoy when trekking over to your favorite Turkish restaurant. The Baklava is a traditional pastry dish made up of thinly sliced layers of phyllo pastry. It is absolutely sweet and often filled with syrup, honey, and chopped nuts.

9. Karniyarik

Eggplant lovers will enjoy this little dish. It's an eggplant stuffed with a variety of veggies like onions, garlic, pepper, ground meat, parsley and so much more.

10. Köfte

These are essentially Turkish meatballs but unlike traditional meatballs, they are served up in a host of different shapes. This dish is made with ground meat and then mixed in with bread crumbs, spices and onions. Depending on the type of dish, it can be mixed with a variety of other stuff as well.

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