Food & Drink Around The World: Top Ten Spanish Tapas


Welcome readers, we will share the writing off food recipes, which is often directly practiced from home

I’m not sure that the Spanish realise just what treasures they
hold in Tapas. Rather than grabbing a burger or a boring sandwich from a
Filling Station, Spaniards prefer to go to a bar and enjoy their
favourite snack, along with a drink and a chat. I find a Tapa to be just
enough when I’m on the road and feel like a little something to eat,
and unless you particularly want to remain aloof, you’ll soon find
yourself having a natter with one of the locals, and if you asked him
about Tapas, he’d probably say something along the lines of ‘eat when
you’re hungry and drink when you’re thirsty’, and who can fault that

Tapas originated in Andalusia, where, as the popular
story goes, the people were so tired of getting flies in their drink,
that they began putting a piece of bread over the glass to keep them
out. This bread was often topped with ham or cheese and the rest as they
say, is history. I don’t know if anyone ever came up with an idea to
keep the flies off the bread; maybe that’s to come.

These days of
course, you don’t have to balance your food on a glass; it comes on a
small plate or dish. The word Tapa incidentally, means cover, so there
probably is some substance in the story. The one thing that is for sure
is that they are a great way to enjoy good, wholesome food at a
reasonable price. Here are ten of the best.

Spanish Omelette or Tortilla de Patatas

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