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Popcorn is a nutritious snack that is whole grain. In fact a cup of no buttered popcorn has 23 calories compared to over 200 calories in one cup of corn chips. Really when you think about it popcorn is an ideal snack. It is not expensive,salty or fatty.

If you do not drink anything and just eat the popcorn it can soak up stomach acids, and does away with indigestion and heartburn. Popcorn has protein,minerals and the tiny kernels contain B-complex vitamins-niacin, thiamine and riboflavin, as well as vitamin E.

How Do We Prepare It?

Popping the kernels are so simple that even your children will enjoyed doing it. It can be popped in a skillet,automatic frying pan,Dutch oven or in a wire basket shaken over the fire, also in an electric popper. Watch that you don't put too much corn in the popper! About one cup of kernels with three tablespoons of oil (butter will burn) will fill a four-quart popper full.

A good way to test a container is to first put in the oil and one kernel. When it pops you know the oil is heated right. Add the rest of the corn and cover. Be careful not to scorch it. And be sure the steam can escape or else it will make the popped corn tough and soggy.

Salt, added before popping, tends to toughen the corn also. If you are not using an electric popper, shake the container constantly to make sure that every kernel is heated equally and none scoot off to the side.
If the popcorn you purchase comes in a glass or jar or other airtight container, it is good to keep the container close tightly to preserve just the degree of moisture that comes in the corn. Do not refrigerate but keep at room temperature.

Freshly popped corn, warm and fragrant, is hard to improve on. But if there is a bad aspect, it might be that it can be served in so many ways that make it a confection. Who can resist caramel or molasses popcorn balls?

There are recipes for making peanut-butter nugget bars, popcorn mint chocolate bars, even popcorn pies. Or, if you prefer, it is easy to add to buttered popcorn a pinch of garlic and onion salt and some shredded Cheddar cheese, melted and gently stirred to create a mouth-watering treat. But no matter how you serve it popcorn can be a satisfying experience.

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