Food & Drink Around The World: My Chinese Recipes


Welcome readers, we will share the writing of the food recipes, which can be directly practiced in your house

This time we have a traditional Chinese dessert, the Split Peas Pudding.

need to have some yellow split peas for this pudding, you may also
replace the split pea by red beans. For red beans, you have to save 4
cups of boiled water after you boiled the red beans until they get to
soften. This boiled water is used to replace the four cups of water
mentioned in the ingredients. This pudding is usually served in cold.
Therefore, we always prepare the pudding 1 to 2 days before your party.
may cut the pudding into small cubes and decorate with some beautiful
picks after chilled. It will add some colors to your party and a perfect
ending to your menu, especially the kids.
(15 slice pieces serving)


20 oz yellow split peas

3 oz cornstarch

1 cup coconut milk

6 oz fresh milk

1/2 oz agar

4 cups water

5 oz sugar

1. Rinse your mould with cold water.
2. Simmer yellow split peas until the peas soft. Rinse and drain.
3. Mix cornstarch with coconut milk and fresh milk.
Dissolve agar in four cups boiling water, drain, and stir in sugar and
milk solution. When thicken, add yellow split peas and stir it well.
5. Pour mixture in your mould, cool and chill.
6. Cut into thick pieces, best to serve cold.
may consider using some kinds of cartoon pudding moulds, candy moulds
or ice making moulds. The pudding will come out more beautiful, and your
guest will have more fun.

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