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If you appreciate eating as a whole dining experience right from when you first sit at your restaurant table and look at the menu to make your choice all the way through to that last satisfying forkful that leaves you wishing that you could eat more, then the food in Greece will tick the right boxes for you.

The food in Greece is about tantalizing your taste buds and getting those digestive juices flowing and wherever you go you cannot help but be surrounded by the amazing smells of food being prepared and cooked and it really adds to your eating experience.

In these days of fast food and convenience meals there are plenty of people that have forgotten what it is like to really enjoy freshly cooked, home-grown produce and ingredients that have been carefully put together into dishes that are beyond tasty.

Traditional Greek food is about making the most of the things that are locally available and grown in abundance and putting it all to good use. Think plump, juicy olives with a taste like no other for starters and before you turn your nose up, give them a try they have such a fantastic flavor and are nothing like you would find in a jar, they just ooze Mediterranean goodness.

Greek Salad with Feta Cheese

With Greek salads using fresh, crisp lettuce, sweet, juicy tomatoes and succulent cucumber all topped with the most amazingly creamy feta cheese, you can taste how good it is when you eat it.

Do not fall into the trap of avoiding the dishes whose names are not familiar to you on a Greek menu, because if you do believe me when I say that you really are missing out on some of the most fantastic cuisine that you will find anywhere in the world.


If you love chicken, then the souvlaki is delicious, OK so it sounds strange but, what you actually get is tender pieces of breast threaded onto a skewer and served with chips, rice and salad. You can also have pork souvlaki too which is just as tasty.


For beef lovers, stifado is a must with meat so tender that you barely have to cut or chew it, all cooked in an amazing tasting gravy with the sweetest oven baked shallots that I have ever had.


Some parts of Greece you will find dolmades, which to you and I basically consists of minced lamb with spices all wrapped in vine leaves and they make for a pretty addictive dish too.

All in all, the food in Greece is tasty and filling without being fussy or fiddled with. There are no nasty surprises to shock the unwary visitor (unless of course you ask for calamari when you will get squid) as the menus are in English too and I can pretty much say quite confidently that your clothes will feel a little more snug after a couple of weeks eating the Greek way.

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