Delicious Dashi Maki Tamago And Omurice Recipes


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Dashi maki tamago and omurice are one of the easiest Japanese
dishes to prepare. Dashi maki tamago is a Japanese style of making
omelet. Omurice is a Japanese term for omelet and rice. If you know how
to make an omelet, preparing these recipes will be very easy for you.

Tamago Omelet Recipe
– One tablespoon of vinegar for every two eggs

-Tamari to taste

– You will be needing a special rectangular pan called tamagoyaki
nabe. You can also use a regular frying pan but the edges of the omelet
will be removed to make a rectangular shape.

– Whisk eggs and tamari. Add cooking oil in the pan, if you are using a teflon coated pan you will get better results.

Pour cooking oil in the pan and heat. When the oil is hot enough, pour
whisked egg to cover the bottom, as soon as it begins cooking, without
stirring, gently roll the omelet beginning by one end. The end result
must have a cylinder shape.
– The first cylinder will probably not
have the desired size, start again and when the whisked egg is nearly
cooked, place the previous cylinder on one end and roll it on top to get
the desired size.
– Place the omelet on a bamboo rolling mat and roll it, leave it like that until it cools down.

Omurice Recipe (Omelet Rice)
– Four cups of steamed white rice

– 400 grams of chicken meat

– 1/4 cup chopped onions

– 1/2 cup of small white mushrooms chopped in small pieces

– One green bell pepper chopped in small pieces

– Salt and pepper

– Five tablespoons of tomato catsup

– Cooking oil

– Eight Eggs

– Cook steamed rice.
– Cut the chicken into small pieces.
– Cut onion and green pepper to small pieces.
– Cut the mushrooms into small thin pieces.
– Pour cooking oil in a frying pan and saute vegetables until they are soft.
– Add steamed rice inside the frying pan, mix and fry together with the vegetables. Add salt and pepper to taste.

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