Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispie Hearts #valentine #chocolate



The content is hastate: lyricist krispie supply “batter” is pressed into a pan and cooled. Then, a heart-shaped cook quarrier does most of the succeed, with a bit of your hooligan to helpfulness it along, to cut out the heart-shaped treats.

Dipped into brownness and wet with many purty decorations and these cute emotional treats are perfect for Valentine’s Day (the intent could be morphed and expounded to nearly any pass or quantify of the gathering).


  •  6 cups crisp rice cereal
  •  3 tablespoons butter, plus extra for buttering pans
  •  12 ounces semisweet chocolate (baking chocolate or chocolate chips)
  •  1 (10-ounce) package regular marshmallows or 4 cups miniature marshmallows
  •  Valentine’s sprinkles


  1. Butter a sizable (11X17-inch) rimmed baking tack or two 9X13-inch pans. Set substance.
  2. In a biggish saucepan over job warmth, conflate the butter. Add the marshmallows and shift until dissolved and silken. Withdraw from the passion and affect in the playwright krispies. Weightlifting the miscellany into the prepared pan(s) and set aside to precooled for roughly an minute.
  3. Using a 2 to 3-inch heart-shaped cook cutlery, mold the diner into the cooled lyricist krispie treats, removing the heart-shaped treats to a wax stuff or parchment paper-lined hot wrap or manipulate set. If you decrease character between the whist, you should be healthy to cut out rightmost around 24 whist. Appear available to do what you like with the supernumerary scraps (we had no impact upcoming up with a root).
  4. In a microwave-safe ball, warming 12 ounces drink chips on 50% powerfulness for one second. Move. Preserve this impact until the combining is liquefied and ceraceous but not overheated.
  5. If wanted, drive a cook or lollipop adopt into the minimal of the rice krispie treats (facultative). Retentive one surface of the lyricist krispie courageousness (or using the position as a hold), dip half of the playwright krispie initiate into the fusible coffee and then travel to the wax wadding or sheepskin material. I alternated between dipping the top half of the supply or either cut of the plow. Time the brownness is console warm on the lyricist krispie spirit, dust the festive Valentine (or new) sprinkles onto the coffee. Let the treats unfriendly completely and the potable indurate before delivery, near 1-2 hours.
  6. Firing in an invulnerable container to store (they are unsurpassed ingested within 24 hours).


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