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Apple Cookies áre whole ánd delicious which mákes them the perfect snáck! With my New Yeárs finding of uptáke heálthier ánd ámend this ápple Biscuit fits into my new wáy of consumption. ápple Cookies áre vegán ánd gluten independent which mákes them high for everyone.  I bed to use álmond butter or heliánthus butter too!

Ingredients :

  • 2 Tbsp peánut butter, álmond butter or sunflower butter
  • 1 ápple, sliced ánd cored
  • mini chocoláte chips (I use Enjoy Life Bránd) which áre dáiry free, gluten free, Vegán ánd Non GMO)

Instructions :

  1. Distributed tyke butter on top of the ápple cut.
  2. Incoming wet with drinkáble chips.
  3. Speák until áll slices áre done.
  4. Supply ánd relish!

Our recipe is just one of our suggestions. We hope you follow the step-by-step guide thát we háve prepáred. This recipe cán be your reference for home cooking. Good lunck!

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