10 Tips to Make Perfect Apple Pie


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Apple pie is a savory delight for many of us and
it is truly a lip smacking dessert. However, have your ever tried your
hands in preparing this delicious dish? Most of us avoid making pies in
fear of spoiling the whole preparation in the process. Now, to boost
your confidence, here we are 10 awesome tips that will help you to make
perfect apple pie every time.

Granny Smith Apples
Cordland Apples

1. It is all about the fruit –
Apples play a pivotal role in making of pie. Now, if you reside in a
region, where there are plenty of apples orchards get hold of sweet and
tart apple and make them into pie. Otherwise, go for Granny Smith
apples, which make excellent pie. The tartness when blends with the
sweet taste of the sugar mixture create an awesome taste. Another
winning combination that works superb is McIntosh and Cortland apples.
Only make sure that the fruit is fresh.

2. Avoid burning of the
crust – While baking the pie, edges of the crust, burn very fast. So,
carefully envelop the fringes of the pie with tin foil. You can also get
hold of an edge guard at your local kitchen supply store. Place the
edge guard over the pie edges to prevent them from burning.

Taste the apple – After adding cinnamon/sugar mixture to your pie, do
not forget to taste your apples. If required, sprinkle more brown sugar
or cinnamon to the pie.

4. Added weight is always appreciable –
Avoid baking the shell before adding the filling, as it may cause the
pie shell to inflate. To avoid this problem, place dry beans at the pie
shell bottom, before placing it in the oven. You can also buy weighted
beads and place them below the shell. This will check the pastry from

5. Heap of apples is always adorable – Adding more
apples to your pie is always good. Make a tall pile of fruit in the pie
shell and you will find, that with the baking of the pie, the mountain
of apples deflate. This will prepare a pie with sufficient apple;
otherwise you will be left with a caved in dessert and a small amount of
fruit per slice.

6. Decorating the pie – Accompany each slice of
pie with scoops of ice cream. Generally, scoops of vanilla ice cream are
served with a slice of apple pie. However, if you want to give an
innovative touch, try out with cinnamon or butter pecan ice cream
instead. Pistachio and Peach ice cream or Cookies and Cream ice cream
also works wonder.

Cranberry-Raisin-Apple pie

 7. Add a twist. Instead of preparing the normal
pie, you can give it an innovative touch. You can always try Dutch or
French Apple pie or other pie combinations like Rhubarb/Apple or
Cranberry-Raisin-Apple pie.

Caramel Apple Pie

8. Add yummy caramel – To enhance the
taste of your dish, try out melted caramel instead of ice cream. It will
offer extra sweetness and impress your guests even more.

Sweetness beside sugar – If your fruit is not sweet enough and you are
not willing to add excess sugar, you can try with 1 tbsp lemon juice,
some finely shredded lemon zest, and 2 tbsp melted apple jelly. This
addition of the jam enhances the sweetness of the pie even more.

Make your apple pie look picture perfect – Slits are generally made on
top of the apple pie with knife. Now, instead of making the slits
abruptly, you can always make a decorative pattern at the top of your
pie. Try to be creative and create a heart or star to enhance the visual
appeal of the dessert.

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